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The International Organization for Migration (IOM), in its role as the Global Cluster Lead in Camp Coordinator and Camp Management (CCCM), recognizes the importance of timely and accurate information of the displaced population and the internally displaced persons (IDP) sites in order to advise both the humanitarian response as well as the transition towards return and recovery. In accordance with this, the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) began in Haiti in March 2010 under the leadership of IOM as a means to collect much needed information on the earthquake affected displaced population.

The DTM v1.0 was developed in collaboration with the CCCM Cluster as well as other clusters, taking into account the emergency information needs of several of them immediately following the earthquake. The information needs were immense and humanitarian actors found themselves presented with a complex context. The DTM v1.0 was designed to identify and record the huge number of spontaneous IDP sites that were established after the earthquake and maintain an updated list of IDP sites, as well as to collect data regarding the situation in over 1,000 sites on a regular basis. The DTM v1.0 was implemented by IOM and a subcontracted agency for field data collection.

As the emergency response moves towards return and recovery, the information needs are different and the capacities of partners and other clusters to collect data have expanded. Now, the sectoral information needs require more in depth data, many times necessitating technical sector based staff for collection. The CCCM Cluster, in particular, aims to collect data and produce the most accurate and updated information concerning the IDP site identification and other relevant information to CCCM. Corresponding to this need, IOM revised the DTM tools and methodology resulting in the creation and roll out of DTM v2.0 in October 2010.

DTM v2.0 utilizes the existing information available from the DTM v1.0, the IOM Registration data, as well as other information available within the CCCM Cluster and other partners. DTM v2.0 focuses on collecting a concise set of information regarding the individual IDP sites and population - including population movement - so as to monitor the changing situation and trends. DTM v2.0 makes use of a more compact data gathering tool, regularly assessing all existing IDP sites on a bi-monthly basis to get the most accurate and updated information on the IDP sites, population trends, as well as to ensure the production of bi-monthly reports and to guarantee the dissemination of information. IOM draws on its existing capacity, knowledge and in-country expertise including both the IOM Registration Unit and the DTM team, to lead the revised DTM v2.0. Both IOM teams are now merged under the Data Management Unit of IOM Haiti.