Hurricane Matthew

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Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 Hurricane, made landfall in the Western part of Haiti on 4 October, causing severe damage in the southern peninsula and parts of the Northern part of the country, particularly the departments of Sud, Grande d'Anse, Nippes and Nord Ouest. The ensuing strong winds, storm surge, and rain over the course of several hours have caused severe damages with some reports estimating that 80 to 90% of buildings in towns such as Jeremie (Grande d'Anse), Les Cayes and Port Salut (Sud) have been heavily damages, destroyed and/or flooded. This alarming information thus prompted the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation (Le Ministre de la Planification et de la Cooperation Externe, MPCE) to announce the departments of Grand'Anse, South, South East, Nippes, West, North West to be most severely affected and declared Haiti in an Emergency Humanitarian Situation. Current estimates suggest that over 1,410,907 individuals have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Matthew, making it the largest humanitarian crisis witnessed in the country since 2010.