IDP Registration
"An N Enskri Pou N Ranje Ayiti Ansanm" / "Register and Restore Haiti Together"
1. METHODOLOGY  Download full version 2. TOOLS

IOM as member of the IASC has consistently and actively contributed its experience in the interagency efforts aiming at ensuring adequate support to vulnerable populations, particularly internally displaced persons. As Global Cluster Lead for Natural Disaster in Camp Coordination Camp Management (CCCM), IOM has utilized within commonly agreed parameters and appropriate standards the profiling and registration processes as key instruments to obtain reliable data when the adverse conditions of the displacement make the available data either incomplete, unreliable or inaccurate. Indeed as commonly agreed upon unreliable data represent a major obstacle to effective advocacy, improvement of IDP protection and the design of targeted assistance programmes and finally overall stabilization and development.

Following the IDP Guiding Principles, reliable information is needed at an early stage to ensure an adequate response and eventual organized return / resettlement and reintegration assistance. Registration of vulnerable mobile population does not solve the problems in itself yet it can enable all programmes and activities to be planned adequately towards the identification of targeted continued relief assistance as well as medium to longer term solutions thus contributing to the end of displacement.

IOM is bound by its Data Protection Guidelines policy to ensure that the information compiled through the Registration process remains strictly confidential and there is a safe exchange, secure storage and confidential treatment of personal data while preventing unnecessary and inappropriate disclosure. the five options for safer shelter for people living in spontaneous sites, relocation to a temporary relocation site is the last resort.