1. The DTM v2.0 seeks to collect the most accurate and updated data on the following areas:
    • IDP camp identification: SSID2, name of site, GPS coordinates and area, location/address;
    • Camp management: classification of site, name and contact of Camp Management Agency (CMA) and Camp Committee, ownership of land;
    • Service provision: basic indicators on WASH, names of service providers;
    • Demographics: population, households, individuals;
    • Population tracking: timeline of IDP site establishment, place of origin of the population, movement in and out of the IDP site, reasons stated for movement;
    • Security: security provision, reporting;
    • Shelter: type of shelter, number of empty tents.
  2. To produce and disseminate updated IDP site and population information, including trends and general analysis, so as to advise humanitarian interventions, as well as long-term strategies to support durable solutions for the IDP population in sites leading to the eventual closure of IDP settlements.

The DTM v2.0 collects data to provide up-to-date information on existing IDP sites and the earthquake affected population that remain in these identified IDP sites.